Islesboro, ME
4 November 2020

Welcome to the Fall 2020 season!

BULK ORDERS are now open! Please order by Monday, 9 Nov., for delivery on Friday, 13 November.

REGULAR ORDERS are now closed.

     Delivery dates are:
9 and 23, November 6 and 20, December 4 and 18.

       The C.S.A. is generously supported by The Island Market and Islesboro Island Trust — thank you!




Place your order.

All vendor shares you select now are for the remaining season with 4 deliveries, one every other week. Later orders can be placed and will be pro-rated for the remaining deliveries. Order cut-off is midnight on Tuesday of the delivery week.



Pay online.

Use your PayPal account, credit or debit card. To pro-rate, a discount reflecting the remaining deliveries will be applied at checkout. 



Pick up the goods.

Deliveries will arrive every other Friday and can be picked up at the Island Market on Friday, 2:30 – 4:00pm, or Saturday, 9:00am – 1:00pm.

What is a C.S.A.?

In its strictest sense, Community-Supported Agriculture is an arrangement in which members of a community pay in advance for a portion, or share, of a local farmer’s harvest, usually at discount. This up-front investment provides the farmers with capital when they need it, as they are starting a growing season, and guarantees regular deliveries of in-season locally-grown produce to the customers as produce is harvested.

The Islesboro C.S.A. works on a slightly different model; our vendors ask for investment several times a year —in September, December and March— rather than just once, allowing the customers to participate on a seasonal basis. Our C.S.A. also includes different types of local producers, not just farmers, many of whom participate in our summer farmers market at the ICC.

Your participation in the Islesboro C.S.A. supports our local producers while delivering fresh food to the island and your table. Thank you for your support!

We'd love to hear your feedback! Please email us with your ideas and comments at
If you have questions or concerns with any product, please contact the individual vendor.