Maine Grains

Skowhegan, ME

Our mission at Maine Grains is to be a leading partner in building a regenerative economy by milling nutritious, organic and heritage grains using a traditional stone milling process. We source high-quality grains from our region and distribute throughout the northeast. Through a traditional stone milling process, we preserve nutritional content and improve the performance of our flour for natural fermentation baking and cooking. 


The minimum quota is a case of six bags per product. Our total order needs to be a multiple of six. So, if you want six bags of something, please go ahead and place your order — you're all set. 

If you order a smaller quantity, we may get in touch with you before ordering closes to see if you want additional items. Click on the product name to see how many orders were already placed.

If you would like additional items not listed here, order directly with Maine Grains and we will pick them up for you with this delivery.